Web Projector

Web Project is an app for projecting songs or announcements from an Android device. By connecting to the local ip address of the device, you can display song or announcements via any web browser on a connected projector.

Song list



Wear with prev/next



  • Runs on any Android device with a wifi connection.
  • Web based allows for projection to any remote projector with any connected device that has a javascript supported web browser.
  • Change to next, previous song, announcement using Android Wear device.
  • Built in Web Server for mirroring display across many devices.
  • Add, remove, change order of songs and slides (announcements) in lists.
  • Add, edit, delete songs and slides on the fly.
  • Add, delete, choose background.
  • Create mp3 recordings from phone, external connected, or bluetooth microphone.
  • Add, rename, delete recordings from list.
  • Live mode for full screen image on any device.
  • Swipe or use web buttons to change songs and slides.
  • Support for Behringer X-air series mixers for volume controls.
  • Support for Epson WiFi projectors for wireless viewing.
  • Support for DLNA projectors.
  • Optional Desktop version.