Web Projector Help

General usage:

Web Projector is meant to be a simple text based remote projection app with a background. It’s primary use is for church song projection and announcements.

It’s key benefits are:
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Runs from an android phone.
  • Web based so it can be used project to and controlled many browser enabled devices from phones to desktops (even smart watches!).
NOTE: See Quick Setup below for a quick walk through of the app.

General options (on phone):

1. Swipe gesture
From either song or slide view, a left to right swipe returns to previous song or slide in list and will stop at the first song or slide. A right to left moves to next song and will stop at the last song or slide.

2. Server button.
Start and stop Web Projector services. NOTE: If the services are running when you back out of the app, it remains running in the background.

3. Live button.
Toggles between full screen mode for viewing only and normal control mode. NOTE: You can still swipe to left and right to move through song list. Turning the phone landscape will hide Server and Live buttons. Turning the phone portrait will reveal the Server and Live buttons.

4. Long back phone button press.
Reveals hidden log window. This is primarily for troubleshooting.

Basic in app usage:

Under the Server and Live buttons is an embedded web browser that allows control of the app without having to open a web browser. The embedded browser provides the same functionality as the web browser on every device that is set to the ip address of the phone in the from of http://<ip of phone wifi connection>:4444 (this can be found by long pressing the back button as described above).

The app is fairly intuitive and pressing the various tabs at the top will reveal the page and what it does. See Quick Setup below for more details on usage.

Things to be careful of:

Edit mode. If the button you press says “Update song” or “Update slide”, regardless of what you have done previously, the song or slide that was originally displayed will be updated and you will lose any previous song or slide data.

Watch info messages carefully, they are there to describe what happens next before you commit to proceeding and irretrievable app data loss can occur if ignored.

Quick Setup:

1. Start app.
  • Click Server button, web page will load. NOTE: Pressing phone back button will leave running in background. Must press Server button again before exit.
2. Connecting from another device.
  • Long press phone back button to show ip.
  • Ip address in the form of: http://<Wifi IP of phone>:4444
    NOTE: phone wifi must be on and connected. Only works on same lan. Multiple devices can be connected at the same time. Also:
    http://<Wifi IP of phone>:4444/#live will show full screen for projector or monitor.
Note: 1st screen is home screen. Loads songs and slides from last session.

3. Click Settings
  • Choose Wide screen or normal.
  • NOTE: Restart app is if something isn’t working. Can be done from any device so be careful using it.
  • Choose background. Note red border when selected.
  • Upload new backgrounds from what’s on phone. Recommend 1280×800.
  • Delete by clicking red X
  • NOTE: If an Epson Wifi projector is detected then it will be displayed as an output option in settings.
NOTE: Menu option goes away when chosen (Ex. Where’s Settings? You’re in it right now.)

4. Click Song – First screen is View mode (Note the background chosen earlier).
  • Can rearrange songs by dragging “three line button”.
  • Clear button – just background, hides text.
  • Blank button – all black.
  • Show button – normal.
  • Prev and Next buttons – switch between. Doesn’t cycle around. Stops and first or last.
  • NOTE: Swipe to left for previous and swipe right for next.
5. Click List – Set up playlist.
  • Click song to choose, delete (X) to remove from playlist. Can grab and rearrange as on Song view. NOTE: Only deletes from playlist, not from database.
6. Slide tab – Similar as Song
  • View, list, edit all the same as Song.
  • Additional option: Auto – cycles through slides automatically at 7-10sec intervals.
End of quick setup.

Additional features:

1. Edit tab (song or slide).
  • Will bring current song or slide into edit mode for on the fly edit of live song or slide (Be careful).
  • Modify text and title.
  • Show Button – Shows immediately with fixes but doesn’t save.
  • Update Song – Save permanently but doesn’t show. Must click song or slide from view or list to update on screen.
  • Clear button – Clears edit area and starts edit for new song.
  • Click on a song or slide to edit that song instead of the one loaded.
2. Sound tab – Record from built in mic, bluetooth headset or earbud mic.
  • Pressing black dot above meter starts volume level.
  • Rec Button – starts recording, turns red. Press again stops recording, turns black and turns off volume level meter and saves recording by date time.
  • NOTE: If using Behringer X-air, you can control the volume sliders and mute for channels and buses. If an X-air is detected on startup, you will see the sliders that are labeled in succession.
3. Sermons tab 
  • Tap to play.
  • Red X to close, play, scrub.
  • Pencil to edit name.
  • Grey X to delete.
End of help.