Notify Me

Flash the camera LED on receipt of notification. Automatically enable or disable sound, vibrate or flash by time and GPS location. Also set a repeat interval for notifications. Choose which apps will trigger notification.

Main Menu

Profile settings
(showing drag and drop)

Choose Apps for alert

Alarm Settings



  • NEW!!! – Alarm Clock. Vibration sensitive! Turn off by tapping screen or table!
  • Backup and restore all settings.
  • Drag and drop arrange GPS and time settings.
  • Unlimited Alarm Clock alarms.
  • Unlimited GPS locations.
  • Unlimited times by day of week and before/after.
  • Choice of alert using the camera flash LED, vibrate, both or none.
  • Set repeat interval.
  • Test alert.
  • Disable app (temporarily disabling app from processing notifications).
  • Email support within app.